VIDEO: Vintage and Fusion Cuban Food Tour at Miami

The Ultimate Classic and Fusion Cuban Food Tour in Miami! For the last 30 years the Andrade Family was serving cuisine. By fusing it with Korean and Peruvian flavors in Finka Table and Harness and the 1931 of Amelia now Eileen Andrade, Jonathan and the next generation are changing Cuban meals. Then attempt a few ….  Read More

Top 6 Must Visit Museums in Italy for Almost Any Cultural Traveler

As I stroll through Italian towns I get lost in the atmosphere that is intangible and the architecture these historical towns supply. I enjoy immersing myself but there isn’t any better place to do so than in a 33, in the event that you need to discover the center of a civilization. The Italian pros ….  Read More

Top 10 Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

There are few places in the Caribbean greater than Puerto Rico, If you’re searching for an island paradise. Unlike lots of the other islands in the Caribbean, Americans don’t require a passport of some kind to go to Puerto Rico, since it is a commonwealth of the USA and its citizens are American by birth. ….  Read More

What to See and Do in Braga, Portugal

The town of Braga is the earliest Portuguese town in the verdant Minho area of the country. Braga is home to more than half dozen churches, but its spiritual significance is most certainly not a 21st century occurrence. In the 12th century, Braga has been considered the spiritual capital of Portugal. Years of influence have ….  Read More

10 Places You Should Visit in Northeast India

I am a firm believer that everyone should make the visit to India at least. It’s a gorgeous culture like no other a charming, friendly, and most diverse state which boasts dazzling historical websites, and a few of the road food around the planet. When most men and women think of India, the overpopulated metropolises ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cait Scudder

Within this variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we talk with Cait Scudder, a business trainer, yoga teacher, and CEO of a multi six-figure company who has a serious passion for travel. We talk with her passion for training female entrepreneurs, Cait about what makes her New England such a great travel destination, her favourite destinations around ….  Read More

15 Places You Must See in Thailand

Thailand has many unique destinations that it may take you years to see all of them. From its hundreds of islands to its capital town that is metropolitan, Thailand caters to all sorts of budgets and travelers. Ayutthaya Historical Park On our recent trip to Thailand, we spent four weeks exploring pristine islands, ancient ruins, ….  Read More

Best Castles to Go to in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Herzegovina and bosnia isn’t a nation famous for its temples, as it houses a few intriguing medieval castles but this can be. However, several of them are in ruins and just a few are still standing proud like they did in the past, but it doesn’t keep people from finding the tale of Bosnia and ….  Read More

Three Amazing Durian Festivals in Thailand

Durian. You have heard once they all’ve doused themselves — it smells just like the locker room with a high school football team. Chanthaburi Fruit Festival Author Bio You have heard that it’s a fruit so odiferous that it’s banned on resorts and subways in Southeast Asia. Laplae Durian Festival What you haven’t heard is ….  Read More