Things to See and Do in Amman

Jordan’s capital, amman, is a bustling metropolis that has yet to forget its origins. As one of the oldest Amman includes a rich and prolific background that crosses empires and the centuries. Roman Theater The first inhabitants arrived around 8500 BC, throughout the first period. The city passed through the palms of Assyrians, Persians, Nabataeans, ….  Read More

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Esmeralda Rodriguez out of Tequila Kiss

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we meet with traveling blogger Esmeralda Rodriguez from Tequila Kiss, lifestyle and a journey site about the wanderings of Esmeralda across 50 countries across the planet. Her goal is to show others that traveling on a traditional budget is possible, especially in the event that you plan beforehand. Meet Esmeralda and check ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Ultimate Skydiving Experience at Empuriabrava, Costa Brava

David’s Been This is currently in Catalunya, Spain getting ready for a few of the many enthralling experiences of life . To fall for 50 seconds over the northeastern coast of Spain, David and team mind 4,000 meters up Together with Skydive Empuriabrava. The professionals at Skydive Empuriabrava, europe’s largest skydiving centre make your free ….  Read More

VIDEO: Greek Language Introduction

In this episode, David Hoffmann takes a moment to teach us some of the basics of the Greek language with his friend George in Meteora, Greece. Greek is one of the world’s oldest languages, dating back to the 3rd millennium B.C. It is also the world’s oldest recoded living languages, with written inscriptions on clay ….  Read More

The Way to Get Money Back When Your Mountain is Delayed or Cancelled

Getting with the intent of flying to an exotic destination for the first time on a plane is just one of the experiences a person can have. The anticipation of just the canvas, the sojourn from regular stress and work, and experience are all extremely exciting. And nothing could ruin this adventure than a flight. ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Sandwich in Jaco: Wishbone Restaurant’s Famous Pita

David’s Been This is in Jaco in search of this area’s finest restaurants and food. This David presents a video into Wishbone, a surfer’s hangout that supposedly serves the best pita sandwich up around. Join David as he tries this sandwich out, packed full of excellent ingredients and guaranteed to leave you stuffed.  Generation by Carlos ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Very Best Boutique Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey: The Istanbullux Suites

Touring Istanbul, Turkey and looking for the best Lodging in the city? Join David’s Been Here in the Galata District at which David reveals us around his ample lodging in the Istanbullux Suites. House to 7 suites, each living area has a spacious kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room, making this high city stay feeling as your Istanbul ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Old Stone Bridge: Konjic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

David’s Been Here is vacationing best attractions and all of of the must-visit websites in Bosnia & Herzegovina. David brings us into the city of Konjic, in which he pays a visit to the Old Stone Bridge. Constructed from the year 1682 by the Ottomans, this bridge rebuilt in 2009 and was destroyed by the ….  Read More

15 Things to See in Petra

Nestled from the slopes of Mount Hor, Petra is a historical city, carved out of the mountains in.  Dubbed the Rose-Red City to its color of their surrounding sand rock rocks, Petra was initially built from the 6th century BC as a capital city to its Nabataean folks. They created oasis and a complex water ….  Read More