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Boulders Penguin Colony

Compact Digital Camera I spent eleven days traveling across the country. A lot of it was spent with an awesome set of travel content creators together with the World Influencers Congress. But in my past couple of days, I also got to travel to a few towns and cities. From the meat-heavy dishes to a number ….  Read More

Zomba Plateau (Southern Region)

If your travels had a soundtrack what album would it be? French immigrant Amón Fasileau Duplantier founded the neighborhood at the end of the 19th century after making a name for himself as a successful coffee baron. Since its construction, Barrio Amón has served as an upscale residential area for San José’s elite, which includes ex-presidents, actors ….  Read More

Best Beaches in Europe

Hymermobil ML-I One of my favorite foods of all time is blood sausage and one of my favorite blood sausages in the world can be found at a roadside stall in Mylliem! It’s smoky, bloody, and soft and comes with spring onions. It was also gelatinous, but not in the same way that fat is. ….  Read More

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