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VIDEO Theater of La Fortuna: Trekking the Arenal Waterfall

David’s Been This is touring the La Fortuna, where David Overlooks a visit to the amazing Arenal Waterfall of Costa Rica. In 70 meters high, this cascade is completely stunning… in two unique manners. It requires a critical effort however in the end it is totally worth it. Soak in such sights filmed by David ….  Read More

Linx Gaia Review 2018: This Vaping World’s Messiah?

“Jesus turned water into wine, the More Linx Gaia vaporizer turns bad Beats into good times” Don’t forget to check out JetSet LifeStyle Blog! Total the vapor production and flavor made by the Linx Gaia has been outstanding. The quartz chamber I felt left a difference and give you a cloud result in addition to a ….  Read More

VIDEO: Spiritual Language with Making It Happen Vlog

Austria is one of three countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) that speaks German, but with a twist. Within the country of Austria there are 5 chief dialects and Nelly and Mike speak the dialect out of Upper Austria, which is seems very similar. Nelly and mike recently moved down to South Beach. They are the ….  Read More

VIDEO: Sevilla Films: The World Famous Casa Robles

David’s Been This is in one of the restaurants in Sevilla: Casa Robles. Open as 1954, this restaurant has been well known for their meals, when seeing the city that even the royal household eats here. With a mixture of International, Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine, there is something to satisfy every palate in this Sevilla ….  Read More

The Cities of Sri Lanka

House Sri Lanka, to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites is bombarded with opportunities for having ancient history. All of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura will be the three historical cities which include the triangle of Sri Lanka. You need to make certain to give yourself time to research all 3 ancient cities ….  Read More

5 Need To Dos in Regensburg, Germany

The town of Regensburg is famous for being also the oldest town along the Danube and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe and being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You wander through history If you walk via Regensburg. Visit The Old Stone Bridge The town was first settled in during the Stone Age, ….  Read More

Things to See and Do in Amman

Jordan’s capital, amman, is a bustling metropolis that has yet to forget its origins. As one of the oldest Amman includes a rich and prolific background that crosses empires and the centuries. Roman Theater The first inhabitants arrived around 8500 BC, throughout the first period. The city passed through the palms of Assyrians, Persians, Nabataeans, ….  Read More