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Surviving Winter that is Finnish and Latvian with Nobis

9. Focus on a subject  Mother and calf taking a stroll together around sunset Compact Digital Camera Have a Look at our Post 10 Things to Do in Perugia at Winter  In your recent book, The Kindness Diaries,you talk about the false connectivity we feel in our everyday worlds. How can travel help us combat this? Any useful ….  Read More

Have a Southern Indian Breakfast

Enjoy Kauai This show I’m doing now has taken me to the most exotic places to film. The #1 being the middle of nowhere in the country of Georgia where Stalin had a favorite Spa resort, and all the people there only spoke Russian. It was a crazy week of riding around in the mountain ….  Read More

El Escorial

Appropriate Clothing The beef was not bad. I was sipping on it on it due to the total amount of fat, although it was tasty! It was great with the sauce! Bo Sang Umbrella Village My pot spread consisted such as raw vegetables meatballs, dumplings, and lots of different cuts of beef. Like at Hai Di ….  Read More

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Playa Espandilla Cornwall is a peninsula filled with wild moorland, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines. The south coast is widely known as the Cornish Riviera, home to picturesque harbour villages and countless camping possibilities, The north coast is recognized as a great surfing destination, lined with towering cliffs and seaside resorts. Cornwall is the ideal ….  Read More