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15 Things to See in Petra

Nestled from the slopes of Mount Hor, Petra is a historical city, carved out of the mountains in.  Dubbed the Rose-Red City to its color of their surrounding sand rock rocks, Petra was initially built from the 6th century BC as a capital city to its Nabataean folks. They created oasis and a complex water ….  Read More

VIDEO: Napa Valley, California 4K Aerial Drone Footage

Napa Valley, California 4K Aerial Drone Footage! I traveled for the very first time to Napa Valley, California! Their I caught some aerial drone footage! My drone flew . From the portion of Napa Valley to the southern most area we covered it all. I travel with all the DJI Mavic Pro through my travels ….  Read More

3 Day Trips from Coimbra

Coimbra is a town famous for its rich history in the cuisine. I recommend heading out Conimbriga, Montemor-o-Velho an researching these 3 day trips towns, and Figueira da Foz after exploring Coimbra. Conimbriga Do Not forget to Look at our Post: What to Watch and Eat in Coimbra, Portugal Montemor-o-Velho Conimbriga is a city situated ….  Read More

VIDEO: The Surfing in Costa Rica: Playa Hermosa

David’s Been This introduces a movie. Translating into the gorgeous beach, there’s no denying why so many surfers visit this beach. Together with the most consistent waves in all of Central America and the swells, there’s truly no better spot to browse than here. Watch asks several surfers they select this beach over all the ….  Read More

Epic Australia Road Trips Which You Should Not Miss

Australia is a vast country with beaches, many cities and parks . It is a diverse place, meaning that there are plenty of road excursions to be enjoyed.   All you need to do is hire a vehicle from a supplier like, and also explore whichever portion of the country brings one of the ….  Read More

Surviving Winter that is Finnish and Latvian with Nobis

9. Focus on a subject  Mother and calf taking a stroll together around sunset Compact Digital Camera Have a Look at our Post 10 Things to Do in Perugia at Winter  In your recent book, The Kindness Diaries,you talk about the false connectivity we feel in our everyday worlds. How can travel help us combat this? Any useful ….  Read More

An Introduction to Thai Food

Here are my top 5 things to do in Mardin, Turkey I guess our shared passion for travel keeps us on the road together, while our differences offer up unique strengths as travel companions. Danielle is outgoing, unafraid to ask people tons of questions, and hard-headed, whereas I know lots of languages (to help her ask ….  Read More

Have a Southern Indian Breakfast

Enjoy Kauai This show I’m doing now has taken me to the most exotic places to film. The #1 being the middle of nowhere in the country of Georgia where Stalin had a favorite Spa resort, and all the people there only spoke Russian. It was a crazy week of riding around in the mountain ….  Read More

Best 6 Beaches in Santorini, Greece

Santorini has an impressive diversity of shores, with everything out of sands that are black that are warm into pebble shorelines. Since most of the beaches will be the touristic tourists shouldn’t be scared to venture off the beaten path. Listed below are the very best beaches in Santorini, Greece! Red Beach Many of these ….  Read More