Monster of Alloy—Hublot Classic Fusion series

Without any doubt, the most attractive watches in the Watch Fair 2013 is the Hublot MP-05 watches as the fifth member of Masterpiece. Once again, it sent challenges to the high-advanced mechanical watches. Luckily, we live in a world full of choices and watches designers are try their best to break tons of limits. And now let’s have a look at the difference that MP-05 holds from others.

It has to be mentioned that it inherited the exaggerated style that appeared in former series and adopted a less-standard wine bucket to hold the skeleton movement. What’s more, the original idea was made to pay tribute to the Ferrari limited sport cars ”LaFerrari”. The appearance alonge makes us remind of the streamline look of Laferrari.

The whole case was covered with PVD material and the bracelet was made of rubber with clasps made of same material. The whole dial can be divided into two parts: the left part can be applied to display the rest of power and the left is applied to show time. The black and red color come from the typical match of Ferrari. Number on the column has luminous coat so that you can read time even under a dark environment.

When speaking of the functions, we have to mention its 50 days power reserve that breaks the original record of 31 days, the top in the world. This long power reserve is made of 11 barrels in series. Under the watch there lies a flying tourbillon with a big size of 14.55 mm. to make such a big size do not mean to keep a complication function, but to achieve such a big size must requires top techniques.

MP-05 has a delicate appearance and was launched a limited number of 50. Although it is not a complication, it indeed took the lead in the industry. What’s more, long power reserve is also one factor that tests a watch-maker’s techniques. Therefore, 5o days of power reserve fully reflects how great achievement Hublot has achieve in the movement.

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