Gentleman style—Montblanc Star

In my mind, Montblanc pen is top in the world and no one can compete with it. I always thought  that Montblanc produces pan, but after I learn something about watches, I found that it also has great achievements in this field. Take the Star series as an example, rare brands can make a man watch so gentle. In this post, we takes Montblanc Start 107916 as an example and see how it achieves that.

Montblanc is made of steel and rose gold. To make a different watch, it gets rid of many old traditions but to the luxury watches, Montblanc still inherits a lot of excellent but old idea. Classic materials and thinner appearances were expected and it did. Although the rose gold is applied to the watch, it cannot be found through the case but are applied to the bezel, crown, bracelet and hands.

Steel and rose gold not limited to the pure gold and pure steel, therefore this is, I think, a conservative way. The hand has an elegant willow-shaped hand. At 6 o’clock, the Montblanc unique logo is set there corresponding to the background of small second dial.

Although Montblanc Star 107916 has nothing specially drawing attention, the inner side is more important. It is fitted with a MB 4810/408 automatic winding movement and no additional modules are added to it. 27 diamonds on it is enough to cover the movement and other important parts, and this is symbol of high quality movement. The application of diamonds are not meant to improve the value of movement, but to fixed the axil and lubricate it. It oscillates at a frequency of 28800 times per hour, a high frequency in the past. What’s more, it divides one hour into eight parts so that only one eighth can be influenced. Oscillating at a high frequency is not good because it will consumes a lot of energy and increase the friction. Therefore, the best way is to maintain in a constant speed.

From pen to watch, this is a big stride. From ink to mechanism, this is deep stride over the techniques. Montblanc originally started in Germany and focused its business on pen, now it developed so many wonderful watches, this is a quantum leap. The Montblanc 107916 is made of steel and rose gold, although this is quite ordinary, it is a wit way to express its techniques.

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