It’s An Class—Cartier Tank series

Cartier is a well-known jewelry brand as well as watch brand. Under the brand, the Ballone, Tank, Santos series consist of Catier’s top series. Among then, Tank series re special, because its design come from the various tanks from other countries. They can be divided into different categories, such as the thick and long American Tanks, the square French Tanks and Chinese round tanks, etc. and what we focus on is Tank W51005Q4.

Tank W51005Q4 belongs to French Tank categories. Different from American tanks which has a long and thick body, it has a square body. The stainless case is applied to the Tank W51005Q4and some parts, like straps, are processed with gold-plate, making the watch fashion and noble. What’s more, Tank W51005Q4 has a unique crown, because a blue sapphire is set on a protruding crown, enabling you to appreciate its beauty in different angles.

 Besides, Cartier Tanks has three obvious features, first, it has wide bezel, wider than American tank series and Chinese tank series. Second, lug is different, too. The lug in the American tank is closely connected to the case but in the French Tank, it is made of separately bracelet.  

Although Tank W51005Q4 has a square appearance, the movement Cal.120 was round automatic movement which derived from the ETA movement. the double winding movement is branded with the brand logo and classic wave patterns. Considering the cost and other factors, Tank W51005Q4 does not have a look-though case back, but the surface are processed with other techniques to make it better for dismantle. As an important part of Tank series, its movement should also be equally well to the watch. the basic precision is definitely guaranteed.

Cartier has many outstanding achievements in the watch industry, including the mysterious hand, mysterious tourbillon, flying tourbillon and skeleton watch. likely, other types of watches also has a not bad performance during the daily use. In the Tank series, the tank shape and caterpillar band bezel and bullet-shaped crown integrated into a unity. Tank W51005Q4 has very outstanding features, such as the thick bezel, square dial, separated lug and arc frame. Wearing it, and you will enjoy a power and strength to conquer the world, and this is the very design that can arouse masculine. All in all, Cartier, is always has its unique understanding of watch and play with brave design.

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