5 Must Visit Day Trips from Budva

They often end up in Budva, when most men and women visit Montenegro. It has come to be the place to see from the country due to its nightlife and beaches.

Sveti Stefan

Ada Bojana (Ada Buna)

I recommend staying in Budva before venturing out to see different areas. Here are my tips for 5 trip day trips from Budva!


A five-minute’s drive south off Budva will direct you. Recognized as being a tactical trading port for the ancient Venetian Republic in the 15th century, this little town at the foot of this Lovcen mountain scope has since been rebuilt, re-conceptualized and re-vamped into among the very upscale holiday spots from the Mediterranean. Crimson detailing give themselves to the appeal of Sveti Stefan and old world, and the red roofs, rock facades feel. Famous bombshells who frequented Sveti Stefan include Marylin Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Claudia Schiffer.

5 Must Visit Day Trips from Budva


Nowadays it is nevertheless a distinctive resort city with pebble beaches lining the path from the mainland to the village. Want to splurge? No difficulty at all.


The Aman is a resort that can offer you a variety of experiences that are unforgettable on the island, and possesses 2 km of sand coastline in and about Sveti Stephan. The Aman includes three restaurants across the island- Queen’s Chair, Olive Restaurant, and Beach Café.

Possibly the most photographed island in Montenegro Montenegrins and by eco tourists alike, magnificent triangle-shaped Ada Bojana is situated in the country’s region and boasts a plethora of sun and sport for its own visitors. Just the Bojana River divides Alabania’s country and this southern coast Monetegrin island. Named by The New York Times among the places to visit in 2010, Ada Bojana provides sprawling beaches fresh seafood, and premier kite and windsurfing places. From taking the E-65 / E-80 south off Budva the E-851 for about 20 minutes past the exit that is Ulcinj visitors can get to Ada Bojana.

Ada Bojana’s beaches are a haven for nudists, so do not be shocked if you experience beachgoers sans swimsuits. If you’d rather not partake, or in case you feel prudish, there are loads of places on the shore which you are able to enjoy with your bottoms on. Ada Bojana boasts breathtaking sunsets and an unparalleled sense of calmness that many consider priceless.

To get a different sort of daytrip away from sun and sand, visit Bar- Montenegro’s primary seaport. Bar is a contemporary city, which has been rebuilt after the Second World War. Bar also provides numerous different ways to spend the day, such as shopping and sightseeing around its historical centre although there are roughly 20 beaches in the region. The old city of pub (Stari Bar) is filled with cobblestone streets, archaeological sites, and ruins that signify the town’s rich legacy. A well-preserved 16th century aqueduct frames a section of the old town. Rulers include Venetian Republic, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, although the town’s inhabitants date back the Era.

On foot, people can check out Bar’s 6th century dinosaurs, Turkish bathhouses, 19th century King Nikola’s Palace and Haj Nehaj fortress, the 17th century Omerbasoca Mosque, and also the 2,000-year-old olive trees. Nearby Lake Skadar can be easily accessed by car from the city of Bar. The lake and its surroundings are distinguished national parks. There are also many monasteries and churches to see across the Lake Skadar region. One of the keepsakes from Bar is that a jar of oil, which is renown for the amazing flavor and quality. Bar is tapestry of cultures and a glimpse into Montenegro history. To get there take the E-65 south from Budva along the coast.

Into Ulcinj hundreds of travelers flocks between the months of September and May – a favorite tourist destination and main city of the southern Ulcinj region of Montenegro. With lowlands, beaches, sea, lakes, rivers, mountains, and ancient sights in and about the city, Ulcinj is a one-stop-shop for fun in sunlight. Stroll the small fortress-like old city on foot to check out the sights and exterior walls which date back to medieval times. The views from round the fortress are awe breathtaking and inspiring.

The old town also features a museum that provides a detailed description of the city’s history during the past 2,000 years. Visitors can also head out to Large Beach (Velik Plaza), Ladies Beach, or the more central Small Beach (Mala Plaza) to pass the day by the shore. Ladies Beach is said to help women become more fertile, but whatever your intentions are for coming you will be sure to love exotic and charming Ulcinj. The city’s population is mostly Albanian, and its influential oriental heritage is felt throughout.

5 Must Visit Day Trips from Budva

Following a morning swim head by Small Beach to the Korzo.

It is a promenade lined with restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. If you’re certified, then Ulcinj is a wonderful spot to Scuba dive. From Beach, divers can swim among shipwrecks. Visitors can get to Ulcinj by taking the E-65/ E-80 south from Budva the E-851.

Virpazar is a Montenegrin city having a population of about 1,400. It is located at the northern tip of Lake Skadar, that’s the greatest lake in the region. If you’re seeking high-energy and excitement fun Virpazar may not be the best stop off for your trip. But if you’re into enjoying simplicity and tranquility do not second-guess yourself and head on over to Virpazar, in which you can bird watch, and revel in the simpler joys in life.

Walking across the rock bridge and taking in the opinion is easily the most exciting thing to do in Virpazar proper, however Lake Skadar, a national park area, is a great spot to have a boat journey and revel in the view of all Grmozur Island, which radically juts out from the water and also forms a exquisite backdrop to the glassy lake. Virpazar can be explored in an afternoon. An enthusiastic birdwatcher’s dream, Lake Skadar boasts over 200 bird species, such as several of Europe Pelicans.

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