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This show I’m doing now has taken me to the most exotic places to film. The #1 being the middle of nowhere in the country of Georgia where Stalin had a favorite Spa resort, and all the people there only spoke Russian. It was a crazy week of riding around in the mountain tops of this country.

1000 Bulgarian Folk Costumes in One Place, Razlog

Frenzied shoppers should head to Meritxell and Carlemany Streets in Andorra La Vella, or the avenues of Rocafort, Canolich, and Francesc Cairat in the traditional mountain town of Sant Julià de Lòria.

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Composed of about 95 engraved elliptical stones, and built from the late Neolithic Period (circa 4500 B.C.,) Almendres Cromlech (Cromeleque dos Almendres) is believed to be older than Stonehenge in England. The Almendres Cromlech site can be found only west of Évora close Guadalupe. Having a opening towards the east, Alemendres Cromlech was initially built As with other constructions.

Have a Drink in Atmosphere Bar

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8. Release your inner hipster and pick up the free, local newspaper. These can often be a great resource, highlighting all of the events going on around the city such as concerts, plays, art walks, book signings, and street festivals.

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The Sigiriya site contains oldest landscaped water, boulder, and terraced gardens in the world. The water gardens feature dozens of remarkable water fixtures designed with both beauty and functionality in mind. Like the bathing pools of Anuradhapura’s Abayagiri Vihara monastery, each pool at Sigiriya has its own purpose is representative of the hydraulic ingenuity and mastery of the time. Upon entering through the elaborate western entrance, also known as the “royals’ entrance,” visitors will come across the inner moat. It was used as a protective barrier against invasions. Under the delicate lotuses swam dozens of crocodiles, just in case an attacker tried to swim across…

7. Don’t miss the Napali Coast.

The Silk Market is full of knock-off products, and the merchandise does not differ much from store to store. There are a few shops with quality merchandise than many others.

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Take a look at some tours you may book in Portugal here!

Is Cage Diving in South Africa Dangerous?

The list can go on, but I will include one last one:

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Once you depart 83 Tower, you may choose to take the Skyway cable cars straight back down. The ride is free and will give you yet another aerial perspective of the city. You get a view of the amusement park which you saw from the observation deck. Riding the Skyway cable car can be easily!

Introduction to Greek Cuisine

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While you probably picture Hawaii as the perfect place to swim in the ocean, most of the beaches in Kauai aren’t swimmable. Unlike other big islands like Maui, Kauai’s beaches are full of things like hammering surf, currents, and rip tides. There are calmer conditions in the summer months, but don’t expect to be able to swim at most of the beaches. The best spots on the island to swim are Poipu beach on the south shore and Ke’e beach on the north shore.

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So what’s next? Moving to Europe that’s what! My (wait for it..) wife and I will be making the big move in April 2013. We have chosen beautiful Barcelona to be our next home. From there we will be able to explore more of Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Where to Experience Live Music