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I spent eleven days traveling across the country. A lot of it was spent with an awesome set of travel content creators together with the World Influencers Congress. But in my past couple of days, I also got to travel to a few towns and cities. From the meat-heavy dishes to a number of the locals I have ever met, I’m officially in love with this country. All these are the seven locations you must see in Uzbekistan.

Compact Digital Camera

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Around the church are fragments of buildings from Ancient Serdica, and for a small entrance fee, tourists can enter this 4th-century church to view the multi-layered frescoes on its walls, the oldest of which dates back to the 10th century.

Mavrovo National Park

We’ve got slightly different”origin” stories of course, although we’ve both adored travel from an early age. Laurence is from the UK and Jessica is from the United States.

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Special thanks to the El Salvador Tourism Organization.

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Adega do Emilio (Ourense)

The seller also gave me a dry puris without the pani inside. As much as I love pani, I found that I liked this dry variation! They were sweet and hot and had an unbelievable mix of tastes I do not believe I can ever get tired of. It costs just 10 rupees ($0.14 U.S.) for 5 puris, but the cool thing is, the seller actually offers you an additional one free of charge! Six puris for less than 20 cents is a bargain you can’t beat!

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Some will warn you against getting pupusas from street vendors, but I threw caution to the wind and did it anyway. They were a tad greasier than restaurant pupusas, but delicious nonetheless.