Keeping pace with Times—Perpetual Calendar’s Breakthrough

“My first experience with a Perpetual calendar watch really frustrates me”, said by Greubel Forsey, ”have contacted with various ealier perpetual calendar watches, adjusting them and trivial changing are really an annoying exhausted process. ” Many creators of those complicate chronographs, just like Forsey, have the same annoying experience and frustrating. But this kind of ….  Read More

Classic White Gold—Patek Phillipe 5396G-011

As the only dependent management watch maker, Patek Phillipe, sticking to the production of the best chronograph in the world and owing to its long history and exquisite techniques, firmly take the lead in the watch industry. The complication watches and super complication watches are considered the best of bests, and then the Calatrava crossing ….  Read More

Broke Tradition– Heuer WAJ2182.FT6015

 It is well known to all that TAG Heuer is passionate and persistent on the car races, but rare people know that it has the same dedication on exploring the Ocean and making the professional diver watches. One thing needs to be mentioned is that Heuer filed patents for its diver watchers in 195 and ….  Read More

The Attraction of Chocolate—Panerai PAM 00386

Nobody is strange with Panerai. Relying on its inspiration from the ocean and design from Itali, Paneri gradually shaped its style and has an important place in both luxury watches and              casual watches. In 1950, Panerai rolled out its Panerai Luminor watch, which made up the advantage of Radiomir Panerai. And today, we mainly ….  Read More

Gentleman style—Montblanc Star

In my mind, Montblanc pen is top in the world and no one can compete with it. I always thought  that Montblanc produces pan, but after I learn something about watches, I found that it also has great achievements in this field. Take the Star series as an example, rare brands can make a man ….  Read More

Monster of Alloy—Hublot Classic Fusion series

Without any doubt, the most attractive watches in the Watch Fair 2013 is the Hublot MP-05 watches as the fifth member of Masterpiece. Once again, it sent challenges to the high-advanced mechanical watches. Luckily, we live in a world full of choices and watches designers are try their best to break tons of limits. And ….  Read More

Different styles—Briefing in Breguet Marine 5817

Different styles—Briefing in Breguet Marine 5817 Breguet Navigation expressed its ideas through the solid casual watch and satisfies consumers’ needs for comfort, fashion and of useful. Breguet once was a precision instruments producer for French navy and Marine completely met every criterions of military chronograph. Today, we will look at a Breguet Marine and the ….  Read More

Exquisite & luxury—Piaget G0A37113

Since the foundation of Piaget in 1874, it has been dedicating its efforts and innovations into every piece of work, and choose innovation and pursues in details as its priority. After years of development, Piaget is able to combine the watch and jewel in a graceful way and great watches are produced one after one. ….  Read More

Masculine—Piguet Top Rose Gold Sport Watches

Now in the whole watch industry, the resource is controlled by three luxury groups, but still there are some top brands occupying the peak in this industry. Piguet is well known for its sport watches, particularly the ultimate sports that can reflect man’s attribute. Today, we will have a look at one of those, 26330OR.OO.D088CR.01, ….  Read More

It’s An Class—Cartier Tank series

Cartier is a well-known jewelry brand as well as watch brand. Under the brand, the Ballone, Tank, Santos series consist of Catier’s top series. Among then, Tank series re special, because its design come from the various tanks from other countries. They can be divided into different categories, such as the thick and long American ….  Read More